Chia Yong Yong, BBM, PBM

Yong Yong is a corporate lawyer with a broad range of experience across other areas of legal practice for more than 30 years.

A graduate of the NUS Law School, Yong Yong also obtained her diploma in Compliance (FICS Specialist) from the International Compliance Association. In her three decades of career, she has assisted local well-known companies to position themselves for further growth through mergers and acquisitions, regional expansions and cross-jurisdictional issues, and was heavily involved in intellectual property management and commercialisation. Start-ups also benefited richly from legally viable business models and in-depth ownership structures, internal governance documentation, fund-raising etc.

Besides real estate business and transactions, her experience in regulatory compliance and frameworks has also enhanced the key performance of fund managers, financial advisers and remittance services providers.

Yong Yong’s overall achievements and continual exposure to key legal, industry and community issues are enabled by her privileged appointments, past and present. Current appointments include:

  • Board Member, Housing and Development Board
  • Council Member, Careshield Life Council
  • Law Society’s panel of Mediators and Investigative Tribunal members (both since 2010)
  • Advisor, SPD (formerly known as Society for the Physically Disabled)
  • Board Member, SG Enable

Her previous appointments include:

  • 2-term Nominated Member of Parliament, Singapore,
  •  Member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods
  • Member of advisory panels, steering committee for public health, education, future economy, feedback and Legal and Accountancy Work Group
  • served as Member, Tote Board Charity (Social Service) Sub-Committee
  • Keynote speaker for numerous corporate, public and school seminars and fora

In recognition of her contributions, she has received various awards, such as the President’s Social Service Award 2011 (Individual Category), Public Service Star (BBM) and Public Service Medal (PBM).